Thursday, September 30, 2010

Night time Garage sale? YES!

"We're going to end up screaming about some midnight garage sale" - Tilly and the Wall

So if you know me, you know that Tilly and the Wall is one of my all time favorite bands! I absolutely love everything about them. There is a lyric in one of the songs that always kept me intrigued. A midnight garage sale! Who had even ever heard of this concept? Not me! but how genius is it! If your like me and my friends, you LOVE garage sales but never want to wake up for them.

Well tonight was a dream come true, I was waiting on a visit from my boyfriend, so I was checking out my favorite blogs, when all of a sudden my boyfriend runs in and is really excited because there is a night time garage sale, granted its only 9:00 pm, but hey I'll take what I can get. So we hurry and this was our adventure.

And this was my purchase! Sooo... cute!

It came with all of this stuff in it too. Even a little plastic picnic table cloth! I'm in love!

They are having the sale all weekend, so I am gonna go again tomorrow when I can see everything, ha!!!!!!!!

Alice- The Rest

These are a few more from my Alice In Wonderland Shoot

Monday, September 27, 2010


So in my Techniques of the Masters class our objective throughout the whole semester is to recreate what the masters painted and really study in depth what they have done.

Well this is my attempt at Rembrant! Its so hard. This was exceptionally frustrating and my final product is not great but this is why I am in school, right?

My Handsome

I have to turn in a portrait for my Fine Arts Photography class along with my self portrait and this is the one I am turning in. He wanted us to turn in something that wasn't just an in studio shot or a snapshot. He wanted it to be a portrait but capture a part of who that person really is.

This is my handsome boyfriend! We were at my mommaw and poppaw's house and we went for a walk and found hundreds of these flowers. We were just playing around and started just placing them in his beard. the pictures turned out really cool. this one is my favorite. Nathan is a lover of all things made by God. He loves animals, people, and the earth. He loves being outside and appreciates all things god inspired!

Self Portrait

My photography teacher has taught us that all of the greats explore themselves. they paint self-portraits, they take pictures of themselves, of the tings they are in love with, or body parts of themselves. He taught us that a self portrait isn't nessicarilly a sharp picture/painting of your face, it could be almost anything but it has to be you! So this is my attempt at a few self portraits.

I am also is a club called Fuego Photographers, its a group of photographers from a camp I do in the summers. Our first assignment was to do a self portrait. Also my first assignment in my photography class.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fine Arts Photography

This was for my Fine Arts Photography Class. We went to the Boardwalk. Our assignment was to find leading lines, textures, and other photography rule thingys!!!!!!!!!!! It was fun I guess, I just really don't like the Boardwalk!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010