Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So I have a friend, well don't we all, I guess I mean, well..... I have a friend! Anyways he is a good friend, he is actually married to my best friend! I bet your anticipating who this friend may be. Well his name is Landon Miller.

I bet your wondering why I am even mentioning him, well he is in an amazing band called Engine.

They are pretty awesome. They are the kind of band you can sing along with and who dosen't love a good sing a long!

Welp, they have a kickstarter ( kickstarter is a wedsite designed to help artists and musicians monetarily  with new projects they want to start) They started it to help with their 2nd album.
Click this and it will take you straight there. There is a video that you can watch to listen to Landon and Ben. 
Take a listen, give what you can, every little bit helps!

Enjoy the pics and video!

I don't normally beg but please help! He and his band of boys are extremely talented and it would be a shame for them not to be able to put out their next album with the quality it deserves just because of lack of money!

Thanks Ya'll !

Saturday, October 1, 2011

How we met....

Sorry its been so long, its hard to post when there is no internet at the house! Wedding plans are moving along smoothly. Still looking for a job, blah blah blah....

I wanted to write a little something about how me and Nathan met.

One Saturday night, Me and a friend of mine, Landon, went to a church we use to frequent called Christ Fellowship. Landon introduced himself to Nathan and started talking and then he introduced him to me. I knew he looked familiar and we figured out that we had meet years before at various shows throughout Shreveport. He started hanging out at Dalzell a little bit and then the visits became more frequent until he was one of the regulars. At first we were just friends, for some reason I had never thought of him in a romantic way. Then about 4 months later the house next door opened up for rent and Landon, Nathan, and our friend Alan moved next door. So we all of course hung out more and more and more, the 2 houses felt like one. It still took a few months for me to realize what was right under my nose! My future HUSBAND! We just naturally started hanging out alone, going on wal mart trips, going to church, going for walks, staying up all night on the porch talking about everything. So we tried this whole dating game, we were both weary but we stuck it out and here we are. We knew within about 6 months that we were meant for each other and it wasn't a game, it was REAL!

Last weekend we decided to take a few pics at the houses we grew together at and fell in love. Dalzell is a HUGE part of our lives and who we are! Thanks to Danielle miller for taking them for us!