Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Summer is official!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Some really awesome gypsy folk bands came in and played at Dalzell last night! It was loud,hot, sweat and fun fun fun!!!!!

Here are a few pics from last night.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tons of Hairspray and Glamor

So my friend Nikki Lee is in beauty school at Regency Beauty Institute. She called me up one day to help her out with a contest she was entering. She had to pick one out of four inspiration photos. She chose the Glamazon look. It looks like an Amazon woman just showed up in the city. So the look is kinda like urban jungle. I love it. We had some help:

Hair and Makeup- Nikki Lee
Photography- Danielle Hillman
Photography Assistant- Lesli Hillman
Model, Clothing and Phot0 Editing- Me, Amy Scott

Here are a few pics from yesterday:

Thursday, May 19, 2011



I just ended a chapter in my life, and that was working in a locally owned and operated pet store here in my hometown. It was quite and experience. Well one day a customer brought this albino fully grown rabbit in the shop that had a crooked leg, and they just didn't want him any more. So another girl I worked with took him in. We put him in the back hall and took care of him for a long time, I would go back and hold him and talk to him almost every day! He was so nice and not jumpy at all.I fell in love. So I asked if I could have him. I had just gotten an out door hutch for my other bunny Waffles and so I had a really nice big indoor cage that would be perfect for him. So now I have this almost cat like bunny just loving me in my room. The sad fact of the matter is that he probly would have ended up being snake food for this huge snake we had named Cleopatra. Now don't be alarmed and think, how mean, how could they do that. Snakes have to eat too, its the circle of life. I'm just glad Stanley wasn't her meal that month!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The October Ranch

This is my friend Josh's home!!!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hey Blog World,

I'm back!!!!!!!!! No more being bogged down with SCHOOL!
Yeah thats right! I'm DONE! I graduate next Friday! I am so excited!

Also yesterday was my last day at my job. Thats right, I took the
leap. I quit my job!

I have been saving since January so that I could
take the summer off and just focus on my photography. You know getting
my Small business up and running. Hopefully it will be enough time!

So your probly asking "Arn't you affraid your money is gonna run out?
The answer is YES!!!!!!!!!!

What are you gonna do with your all of your free time now?
Well lets see,

Take Pictures
Make a Tee Pee
Make a zine
Take lots of pictures
Go to Church
Get a Kitten
Help with my best friends wedding
Go to Cypress Lake
Get my hair done
Keep the weight off that I've lost since January (I've lost around 16 pounds)
Possibly start design custom fabric and design a dress and have a fashion show
Meet Dick Van Dyke
Spend one whole day playing Cut the Rope
And Try to blog everyday

Oh the possibilities

So Stay tuned to this blog and have a sunny summer.