Sunday, May 23, 2010


And together we are the Wild Hearts!

This is Danielle! This is the girl that started it all, She was the one I found my indipendence with! We moved out on our own together for the first time! After just knowing each other a couple of months! She is am artistic soul mate! She helps and pushes me! She has a pasison for the unknown! The has drive and concern! i love this girl! She is an educator/artist/girlfriend/sister/dauhgter!

There is Lesli! What can I say about Lesli, oh that she is only the most caring, kind, compassionate person I know! She has a heart for people! She always does the right thing! She is an artist/educator/daughter/bestfriend! I have no clue where i would be without this dear soul!

There is Jessica! I have known her for about 6 years, maybe, probly even longer! She is an artist/waitress/girlfriend/daughter! She has compassion for the hopeless! I love her!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The strongest tie to memory

So yesterday I hopped in my car really quick to head to work, because naturally i was late! I noticed a smell in my car and it intstantly reminded me of a hotel swimming pool in the summer. Weird, huh? It brought me back to being a kid. We rarely went on family vacations but when we did it was a huge deal. It was exciting and new and fun! There was always something about when the day was done of exploring where ever you were and after dinner had settled, putting on your swim suit and anxiously awaiting the elevator,(it could never come fast enough) running through the carpeted halls, parents yelling slow down quit running, opening the glass door, throwing your towel down on the nearest lounge tanning chair and cannon balling right into the deep end, doing hand stands and flips, racing, seeing who could hold their breath the longest and playing Marco Polo until it was time for the pool to close.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The most beautiful city!

I went to New Orleans fir the first time last month. i have been before but for a funeral and a conference, so I have never really been. Which is weird concidering I have live in Louisiana my whole life. New Orleans is amazing! Its so full of culture. In its damaged water stained neighborhoods there is still a beauty you can't find anywhere else!