Sunday, May 23, 2010


And together we are the Wild Hearts!

This is Danielle! This is the girl that started it all, She was the one I found my indipendence with! We moved out on our own together for the first time! After just knowing each other a couple of months! She is am artistic soul mate! She helps and pushes me! She has a pasison for the unknown! The has drive and concern! i love this girl! She is an educator/artist/girlfriend/sister/dauhgter!

There is Lesli! What can I say about Lesli, oh that she is only the most caring, kind, compassionate person I know! She has a heart for people! She always does the right thing! She is an artist/educator/daughter/bestfriend! I have no clue where i would be without this dear soul!

There is Jessica! I have known her for about 6 years, maybe, probly even longer! She is an artist/waitress/girlfriend/daughter! She has compassion for the hopeless! I love her!

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