Saturday, July 23, 2011

Joshua October and the Wool

Alrighty fellow bloggers and peoples of the internets, I have a friend and his name is Josh and he creates AMAZING music!

Let me just take a minute to explain Josh, He is sorta one of those people who is unexplainable but i will do my best, just hang in there. Josh is a mans man! He loves the outdoors, camping, and all of that manly stuff. He is VERY adventurous, he is always up for exploring rivers, abandoned buildings, new cities, really anything. He also loves pranking, so watch out, of course its all in fun! Josh has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know, he will help you out at the drop of a hat no matter what, he is quite a handy man. He absolutely loves telling jokes!

Here is a post I did on his house, RIGHT HERE !

And here is a couple of photo shoots I did for his album RIGHT HERE and HERE !

And his band camp is RIGHT HERE!

His music so so pure and raw and unique and I love it!

His Facebook Fan Page is HERE!

Sorry for the link overload, there is just a lot to check out about my dear friend!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

That Blurry Night

For the most part blurry pictures are frowned up on, but sometimes there is more of an intimacy about them. They just seem like they are still moving. These are from my friend Danielle's wedding.

Kelli Murray

I was fist introduced to Kelli Murray at a Youth Ministers and Volunteer Conference I went to many many many years ago in Austin, Texas. The clothing company Jedidiah, had a t-shirt for sale that had her art on it, I had to have it. I remember after after we had gotten home and i was unpacking all of my goodies from my trip i saw this shirt again and immediately looked her up on google. Her stuff is amazing, it has this happiness and sense of hope about it. I still don't own a piece but I will one day for sure!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


and heres the Wedding!

The Dresses

Her Shoes

Us people watching

Me and the bride!

Me and my Boo!

The bride and her Daddy!

Daddy and Daughter

Oh you know, just a Wild Heart Dance!

Sister Love

Photo booth fun


Jessica and her hunny

and there they go


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A little more crafting before the big day.....

So you know those cute penent banners that are all the rage these days, well these are a few photos of me putting some together for the wedding.

Tissue Ball Extravaganza

Being the good little baptist girl that I am, this challenge was very simple. You see growing up in my Sunday School class on every Mothers Day we would make tissue paper flowers for our moms and our SS teacher would spray her perfume on them. The tissue balls were just a larger scale of that simple mothers day craft. We made these for completely free, we saved all of the tissue paper from all of Danielle's showers and put it to good use! We had these all over the wedding. It was fun because it looked like her wedding threw up in her living room for a few days, before we could decorate!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

More Wedding fun and friends.....

This is the house the wedding is at!!!!!

The delicious meal our Arkansas friends made us!

Megan,Deniese, and Lisa. Our Arkansas friends that came to see Danielle before her wedding.
Just hanging out.
The bride to be!

P.S. I stole all of these pictures from our friend Megan.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Clean Clean clean......

Danielle has decided to have her wedding in our neighborhood. We live in what is called the Historic District of Highland. Its a really old neighborhood in Shreveport, Louisiana, the homes here are really old and beautiful (well some, some are rundown as well). The house she chose is called "The Yellow House" ( read all about it at the link, its AMAZING). Its a really old historic home and its beautiful and so are the people that inhabit it. Here are a few before and after pics from yesterday as we started to clean.



And little brother Cody just chillin out. He helped out !

I know the pics don't show much, but it was alot of cleaning. We had so much fun just hanging out getting something done.

And so it begins.....

And so it begins, one of my best friends wedding week. These are pictures from her bachelorette party. I only snapped a few photos because we were having so much fun. I am so excited for this time in her life, we have been through alot together and I am so excited to be there with her in the most exciting time. I am going to try and update every day until the wedding day to just show the process of an almost completely DIY wedding. Enjoy!