Saturday, July 23, 2011

Joshua October and the Wool

Alrighty fellow bloggers and peoples of the internets, I have a friend and his name is Josh and he creates AMAZING music!

Let me just take a minute to explain Josh, He is sorta one of those people who is unexplainable but i will do my best, just hang in there. Josh is a mans man! He loves the outdoors, camping, and all of that manly stuff. He is VERY adventurous, he is always up for exploring rivers, abandoned buildings, new cities, really anything. He also loves pranking, so watch out, of course its all in fun! Josh has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know, he will help you out at the drop of a hat no matter what, he is quite a handy man. He absolutely loves telling jokes!

Here is a post I did on his house, RIGHT HERE !

And here is a couple of photo shoots I did for his album RIGHT HERE and HERE !

And his band camp is RIGHT HERE!

His music so so pure and raw and unique and I love it!

His Facebook Fan Page is HERE!

Sorry for the link overload, there is just a lot to check out about my dear friend!


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