Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wild Heart Road Trip

Me and my best friends took a mini road trip to Houston! Our first stop was at this folk artists gallery and home! He was an old hippie man, that was absolutely precious .

Then we moved on and our next stop was the abandoned drive in movie theater.

Then we trucked on to Houston.

When we got there we were all 4 tired but we wanted to do something so we just went to IHOP to eat and sip on some bean juice (coffee). It was so much fun, just sitting and telling stories, singing made up songs and sharing food!

The next day we adventured on to the Zoo, it was exciting. the animals were tired and hot, so they wernt doing much to watch so we went through the whole zoo in like an hour.

Then we went and ate at an amazing little dinner called House Of Pies!!! It was delicious!

We went shopping and this is when, dun dun dun, my cr got towed. but thankfully i had the money to get it out and Roxanne came to the rescue to come get us!!!!!

After all of that we met up with Danielle and Lesli's cousin and ate dinner!

The next day was beach day!!!!! So much fun!

Just chillin and hanging out on the beach!!!!!! This is a rarity for me!

Then then next day we headed home, but not with out stopping at the half price book store.

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