Monday, November 29, 2010

Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell was one of the only artist I was surrounded by as a little girl. My house was covered in prints, ceramic statues, plates, pieces of carved silver, coffee table books and even Christmas tree ornaments. I even remember me and my brothers breaking a norman Rockwell plate one time and my dad being so mad he couldn't even talk to us!

So.... since I grew up surrounded by him, I never really thought about just how AMAZING he is! We started studying him in my Techniques of the masters class and I fell in love with him and then suddenly appreciated to the inth degree his work.

One of our assignments was to photographicly ( not sure if thats a word, haha) interoperate a Norman Rockwell. I fell in love with this assignment . So I started thinking about which painting I wanted to re do. Then I stared thinking, I don't want to copy a painting. I just want to use his joyful personality in my picture.

So I grabbed my 3 favorite sisters and we went on an adventure. The Idea was to have Danielle (the older sister) doing older things, like reading a book. Then Lesli ( Middle sister) knitting because in real life Lesli loves to knit. I also wanted it to kinda look like she was being left out, because as a middle child myself, I most definitely fell out of place amongst my brothers. and Hannah (the younger sister) on the phone.

She hears some juicy news so of course the big sister has to jump in and see whats going on and the middle sis is in the middle trying to figure out whats going on.

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