Saturday, January 28, 2012

Me an Nathan got married!!!!!!!!!!


Nathan and I got married. I have wanted to be married for a long time now, I guess since I was at an age to realize that, "hey all of your friends are married, maybe you should be too" At that age, if I would have married who I was dating at the time I would not be happy ( I know he wouldn't mind me saying this because I know he feels the same way) So I waited and waited and waited, for what seemed a life time at times. I did date on and off here and there a few longish relationships but none of them ever worked out for one reason or another things just never matched up. Now I will say this too, I am still friends or at least  friendly to most of my ex's. One is even one of mine and Nathan's best friends! But all of that to say now that I look back at the different relationships that I did have and see how our personalities just didn't add up, I am beyond grateful that I waited until I met Nathan. I mean we are like two peas in a pod. Everything matches up, from art, to beliefs, to how we wanna raise children. Well I guess the important stuff matches up because there is still those instances where i just wanna watch Gossip Girl or Glee and he would rather shoot himself than do that, but i feel like thats ok, I'm a girl and I like girl shows. haha anyways...... I love him! in a way I never thought love could be. I know that sounds cliche, but its so true! I thought I had loved before but when i met Nathan and things progressed in our relationship and eventually got super serious, marriage didn't scare me like it had before. I didn't feel trapped or like all of my dreams were going to fly out of the window once i said "I do". Its almost like my dreams were better, now that i have someone to help and push me through the bad times! I am so thankful that i had people in my life to show me what a good marriage should be and an awesome youth pastor growing up that taught mw about true love waits and taught us to wait and be patient for someone that will be THE ONE! I feel like i paid my dues and learned my lessons in my twenties but I am also thankful for that learning a growing time i had, I traveled, made lifelong friends and lived in the most rockin house in Louisiana with the most AMAZING people! In that time I grew in my relationship with God more than ever I found him in a way I never saw him before, in such a real way without rules and pews and gospel music. (even though I love gospel music) In that time I met the most amazing people and knew what it was like to live in a neighborhood and not just live in my house. Thats when I met Nathan.

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  1. siiighhh. Just so dang cute. :) Love you, lady.