Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend Update

We went to a show Friday night that blew my mind. My friend Mikes band played first, the Rusty Shaklefords. 

 Rusty Shacklefords 

 Look, at this business!

Another local band The Pistoleros, they were awesome!

 Peelander Z- This is the band that blew us away! They were so fun! If you have to beg borrow or steal to ever go see them, DO IT!

This is a few photos from our friend Toup's going away party!

This is the man of the hour right here!

 On Saturday me and my friend Jessica went a rummage sale and a few estate sales.

I found this beauty, its on my ETSY!

 These are some other finds! A flowy dress and some sheets for screen printing and sewing!

This is an awesome fabric tape measure!

 On Sunday we set up shop to send our friends off to Austin for SXSW! We are so excited for our buds  Gashcat!
 Nathan and I are dog sitting for our pals Kyle and Haley while they are in Austin! Her name is joe and she is presh!

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