Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Its been a while!

I know I know, It's been a while, like a long while! but Im back and I will try my darndest to be more consistant with my blog.

I want to start with a few blogs I follow daily. Its funny how I draw inspiration from these ladies and follow their lives and am interested in their daily happenings but don't even really know who they are.

1. A Beautiful Mess- This is the blog that is most popular between me and my friends. Conversations always start with "Did you see what Elsie posted today?" or "The recipe Emma posted looks awesome"   Elsie and Emma are sisters and own their own vintage clothing shop in Missouri, they just got done writing a book together, they are business partners and run this blog. VERY inspiring young ladies with tons of drive. The blog has a really good mix of DIY projects and fashion. My fav. for sure.

2. Smile and Wave - This blog is alot about family life. This cute mamma just posts about her daily life with her kiddos, and whats going on around her and her family. She is super cute and so are her kids.

3. Bluebird Vintage- This is another beautiful mamma with painfuly adorable kiddos! She has a great mix of mommy and children fashion posts. She has links that go to where you can purchase what she or her kids are wearing. She has awesome giveaways as well.

4. Kelly Murray- This is an artist mommy. She has posts on her paintings and drawings and whats going on with her career but also posts about her new little girl and the process its been to raise her and still live your dream! She is one of my favorite modern artists by the way!

5. Design Love Fest- Now this girl lives the life! She is creative, business minded, and super cute. She travels the world sharing her talent of blogging and photoshop. Her blog has a great mix of DIY, high fashion, color, and just anything aestheticly pleasing to the eyes. I always go here if I need a jolt of inspiration quickly.

And there ya go, 5 of my favorite blogs! I know this is a text heavy post and I am so not a fan of that but I leave you with a pretty picture.

This is my beautiful friend Hannah! She is like a little sis to me and I love her dearly. She is an amazing creative smart funny and beautiful girl! I took this on a day we all went out to the river.

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