Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 2

On the tops of the chairs on each post there are these decrative balls, and when we purchased the chairs 2 were missing. i had no idea how to go about replacing these things. So I called up my handy friend Luke Lee and he had the idea to just buy wooden balls about the same size and drill hole in the bottom to fit over the chairs! Genius!!! So I found the balls today at Hobby Lobby and the dudes from Rad Life are going to help me drill them.

Last night I covered these 2 seats, not too bad for a first timer! I will say though that my hands and wrists hurt so bad today from spray painting and from ripping the old fabric off of the old wood on the seats and trying to get the staples out of the bottom of the seat!

Kepp checking back, ill keep you up dated!!!!!!!

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