Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mad Men: The Fashion File

So if you know me, you know that I am absolutely obsessed with Mad Men. The main reason I am so obsessed is because I drool over each and every dress, suit, skirt, blouse, high heal, tie, everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The stylist for Mad Men is a genius. These outfits are not just thrown together, they are all delicately and carefully planned out for each characters scene and mood!

Well this genius stylist/Designer put out a book!

I am on Chapter 2, I can't put it down.

The first chapter talks about being confident in your own body shape, skin color, hair and eye color, all of that silly stuff us girls obsess over.

She also gave example from through out time the women who pronounced their features and were the it girls of their times!
I thought it was cool, to look these girls up and research teir style and to see how daring and sexy they were for their day! they are all beautiful!!!!!!!

This is Clara bow!

Louise Brooks

Jean Harlow- the Blonde Bombshell

Rita Hayworth- Glamorous

Elizabeth Taylor

Brigitte Bardot

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