Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ENGAGED !!!!!!

Sorry in advance for text overload!!!! but what can I say, I am beyond excited!!!!! I am engaged!!!!!!!!! Who knew this day would ever come! I always prayed it would and it did! Last night!

So here's the story.......

He has had my ring for about a week and a half or so. and I knew he did. You might ask yourself well how did she know? Well we had picked out my ring in like April on Amazon and I added it to my wish list and sent him the link in a message on facebook, just so he could have it when he was ready. So every now and again I would go on Amazon and just look at it and dream about the day it would actually happen. welp a few weeks ago I went to click on the link and it said someone may have bought this for you, click this and see if someone definatly bought this for you so of course I did and it said yes. Who knew it would actually tell me all of this, Way to go Amazon!!!!! hahaha

Well I was getting kinda impatient and would ask him questions and he would always say not telling and things of that nature but I knew it would be soon I could see it on his face and just the excitement in his voice.

Well yesterday he had the day off from work and I just kinda had the feeling that it might happen and then through out the day I had my doubts, Well let me just let you read the texts between me and one of my best friends from yesterday:

Me: I don't think it will be today :(

Lesli: He is nervous

Me: I just don't think its today! He is wearing a tank top!!!!

Lesli Hes trying to throw you off, maybe

Me: Maybe so, Welp i'll let you know

Then later on in the day:

Me: So it may be tonight, he is taking me on a date.

Lesli: When, Where, details! Look cute, OMG bring your camera but its ok if not because you know it will happen eventually, OMG I might poop myself OMG weird ok, ahhhhh! i hope I'm not freaking you out ugh worst friend ever.

Me: No I am finally freaking out, I am wearing hippie clothes. I don't know where, I don't think he knows, he is coming to get me after a meeting.

Me: OMG He is on his way

Me: Uggggggggg he isn't here yet!!!!!!

Me: He won't answer his phone! maybe he is planning something!!!!!!

Me: OMG he says his car broke down and he is by the gazebo at Colombia park. HE IS TRICKING ME! OMG I'm freaking out, I'm about to leave Dalzell!

Lesli: I hope your getting engaged right now!

I thought this was a hummerous conversation!!!!!!!!

So the meeting was a lie, he had been planning and running around town getting things together. So when he did finally call me after me waiting for almost an hour and a half he calls me and tells me that his car broke down and at that point I knew it. So I grabbed my camera bag and headed to the park, shaking!!!! As I drove up I saw the candles and as soon as I got out of the car I started yelling I knew it, I knew it and I walked up to the gazebo and sat down and was smiling from ear to ear and he said "Are you hungry, do you wanna eat?" and I said NO, because I knew what was coming. So he asked me to stand and i was just saying no no no omg omg omg, like really, this is about to happen. So I stand up and he is pulling the ring out of his pocket and about to be on one knee and.........

Enters park security guard, she says "Can ya'll move your cars for me please?" of course we obliged.

We walked back up the hill to the gazebo and he got down on one knee and told some really mushy beautiful things and asked me and I said YES!!!!!!!

After that we tried to eat but we were to excited. He had bought us 2 plates, 2 cups, 2 candle holders, so it would be our first dishes together! Cute huh? He got Cane's sweet tea, and Subway, both of which are my favorite!!!!!! He also bought fake flowers so we could keep them forever! The quilt was hand made by his mom for us! Coolest thing ever!!!!!! I am so excited about it and it was so thoughtful!

So after we celebrated together we headed back to Dalzell, to see if anyone was there so we could tell our friends and NO ONE, so we went to one of my best friends house and she was there and we screamed and hugged and then her husband came home and then everyone started coming over and we got to see our friends and hang out, it was so much fun!

This night was everything I had ever wanted!!!!!! I have been waiting a long time to find who God had for me and nathan was sooooooo........ incredibly worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. So happy for you two. Love you bunches!!!!

  2. yayayayayayyyyyyyyy!!! lesli's texts are hilar and I CAN'T BELIEVE THE SECURITY GUARD MADE Y'ALL MOVE YOUR CARS!!!

    this is soooooooo happy x infinity

    congrats gurl~~

  3. Amy, Ya'll couldn't be more perfect. I am so happy for you. I love you both and I am glad it was such a memorable time! Can't wait for us to make more memories with all the fun times ahead. It will turn out wonderful and then one day we will all be old married people together and have the time of our lives. I love you and am so glad that I get to be a part of all of it!!!!!! lovedanielle

    August 10, 2011 7:31 PM

  4. SOOOOOOO cute and sweet and perfect! :) I'm so excited for you guys! Love y'all so much.