Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Milton Glaser

The longer me and Nathan are together the more I learn about Graphic Design and Typography. He has taught me about many amazing graphic designers, one of which being the amazing Milton Glaser. I of course knew his work but had no idea who did it. The I heart NY design is genius. its such a simple design on the eyes but is so iconic to New York and what it stands for. There arn't many people I have met that have been and havn't fallen in love with the city!

I remember when I went, almost 10 years ago, i came up out of the subway tunnel into Time Square and never felt more at home in a foreign city. I smiled so big and couldn't wait to explore every inch of that pavement. I remember buying the I heart NY t-shirts from street venders as souvenirs for my family and friends. Of course not knowing or even thinking about the designer of that very logo many years ago but just knowing that I myself LOVE New York!

Here is just a taste of his work!

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