Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Bridesmaids Dresses

This is the dress! I am not a huge fan of typical bridesmaids dresses, for one they are usually way to expensive and you normally only end up wearing them one time. I did not want to burden my girls with the price of a dress, and two you never wear them again. Lets see, I have been in 8 weddings now and i have yet to wear my dress again from any of them except for one of them we could pick out our own dress with in a certain color scheme, and one I used another one for a halloween costume!

These dresses were under $100, and fit my personality and the look i was going for in the wedding. Now granted some of my girls wont wear this again because its simply not their style but I know some of them will.

As far as the styling went I bought them the white polka dot tights, which said they were one size fits all, which was a load of crap. So for my other girls that were too tall we just found some cute white tights. and I told them to wear whatever shoes they wanted!

They can be found here at Mod Cloth.

Rachel Berry from Glee was wearing it on an earlier episode this season. So after that episode aired mod cloth sold out but they have them back now!

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