Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Sweets!

This is THE cake! The reason i say THE cake, is because it is the most presh wedding cake i have EVER seen! I have never been so in love! My best friend Lesli Hillman, brought up to me one day that she would want to try to make our wedding cake! Of course, I was all about it because of the low cost and we wanted to DIY as much as possible! She did the whole thing, it was her first cake! She designed it, came up with it, I gave her total creative freedom, and BOY DID SHE COME THROUGH!

The topper was made by Danielle Miller! This was something else that took my breath away! The cutest most perfect cake topper in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!! Cuter than anything i found on ETSY! I have some talented friends!

This is the grooms table! He decided to go for pies, instead of the traditional fancy grooms cake! All of these pies were made by his mom!!!!!!! Crazy, I know! They we so delicious!
 And this is our friend Milton! He loves pies so much! Maybe a little too much! (Nathan and I have stuffed animals 3 in particular that we are pretty fond of. Pinecone, Leroy and Milton. Each have pretty distinct personalities. Nathan made sure they were all at the wedding and placed them all in different places, so sweet)

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  1. Lesli did an amazing job on the cake! And the toppers are freaking adorable. Congratulations and best of luck, Amy!